Tuna Hamburger

Tuna Hamburger
Tuna Hamburger


for 4 servings
2 160g of Rio Mare Tuna in Olive Oil
6 slices of sandwich loaf
1 egg
2 tsp of mustard
1 sprig of parsley
one spring onion
2 tbsp of mayonnaise
a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Stampa Ricetta

Tuna Hamburger

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    1. Cut the crusts off the slices of sandwich loaf and grind them in a food processor to obtain soft bread crumbs. Place the bread crumbs in a bowl, add the well-drained, flaked tuna, the finely chopped spring onion and parsley, the mayonnaise, the mustard and the egg and mix the ingredients together.

    2. Form hamburger patties with the mixture, heat a lightly-oiled  non-stick frying pan over a high flame until it is good and hot and then lower the hamburgers into it. Cook the burgers on both sides, turning them with a spatula, to ensure a uniform thickness.  The burgers are cooked when they turn a golden brown colour.   

    3. Serve immediately with tasty potato chips cut into large segments 

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