Find out where your tuna comes from

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A transparent commitment, the traceability of products.

The tuna that arrives on the tables of millions of consumers, in Italy and across the world, has its own background, from its origins through to its arrival on the shelves of major retailers.

And this biography is “written” on every can to inform consumers, from the moment it is fished through to its processing, canning and sterilisation, we never “lose sight” of the tuna.

On the boats, in the plant, in the laboratories that carry out controls and analyses of all types on the product, the tuna travels with its own name, surname and address : we know from which sea it comes and on which ship it travelled, to which batch arriving at the plant it belonged, in which tin it was canned and in which box the can was packed.

In the event of defects this makes it possible to trace similar defects on other products, using the same method, in order to take corrective action. It also makes it possible to evaluate the quality of the work carried out by a specific supplier at any moment during the production process.

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Find out where your tuna comes from

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